Wortspiel Values

The market and our services will evolve. Our values, however, are here to stay. This is what matters to us in regards to our team and our clients:

  1. We are friendly: This is how we treat ourselves, our clients and our competitors  1 2
  2. We are free: This is how we organise ourselves and our client relationships to the benefit of all  3 4 5 6
  3. We are focused: This is the way we go about our work  7 8 9 10 11 12
1 We live by the principles of “How to Win Friends” and place “Value Fit over Skill Fit”.
2 We walk our talk” and “‘eat our own dog food’”: We ourselves do what we advise our clients to do. We are honest, authentic, transparent and trustworthy. We listen to one another and are open to constructive criticism.
3 Every team member works at a time and place where he or she feels happiest and most productive: “Remote working” is the norm, not the exception.
4 We think and act in an entrepreneurial way and work “smart, not hard”:  “If we have a company that is entrepreneurial in spirit, we will be able to take our next ‘(wo)man on the moon” leap’.” Brian Chesky, Airbnb.
5 “Don’t ask for permission, ask for forgiveness.”, via Mark Suster.
6 We are diverse – “Think different” – “Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.“ Apple Ad
7 “Do One Thing and Do It Well” Doug McIlroy (Unix philosophy)
8 We’re enthusiastic about helping our clients get ahead and sharing in their success in order to change the world for the better: “Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.” Walt Disney
9 We don’t see ourselves as suppliers, but rather as staff member of our clients.
10 On working days we’ll get back within 24 hours.
11 No Bullshit.
12 We keep on learning: “People who are right a lot of the time, are people who often change their mind. Consistency of thought is not a particularly positive trait.” Jeff Bezos. “If you’re not embarrassed by how naïve you were six months ago, you’re not learning fast enough.” Nathan Bashaw. “We don’t aim to increase our staffing capacity, but rather to further our personal development. If we can’t develop further together, we would have to go our separate ways.” Markus H. Walser