Wortspiel Values

We don’t aim to become the largest agency, but rather the best. That’s why we rely on clear values:

  1. We‘re friendly: Cooperation can only work well if we’re aligned on a personal level. We value honesty, humility and authenticity.  1 2 3
  2. We‘re free: Trust is more important to us than contracts. As long as both parties are happy and continue to evolve together, we will keep working together. If this changes we will part ways.  4 5 6
  3. We’re focussed: The marketing landscape is changing so fast that long-term top performance is only possible with a high degree of specialisation. We prefer to do less and do it right.  7
  • 1 We are friendly and honest: We live by the principles of “How to Win Friends” and place “Value Fit over Skill Fit”.
  • 2 We are authentic: We walk our talk and eat our own dog food – we ourselves do what we advise our clients to do. 
  • 3 We are humble: “When you look back at yourself six months from today and don’t feel embarrassed by your naiveté, there’s a problem. That means you’re not learning, growing.” Nathan Bashaw. “People who are right a lot of the time, are people who often change their mind. Consistency of thought is not a particularly positive trait.” Jeff Bezos
  • 4 Every team member works at a time and place where he or she feels happiest and most productive: “Remote working” is the norm, not the exception. “The greatest people are self-managing. […] What they need is a common vision – and that’s what leadership is.” Steve Jobs
  • 5 “Don’t ask for permission, ask for forgiveness.”, via Mark Suster. We think and act in an entrepreneurial way and work “smart, not hard”:  “If we have a company that is entrepreneurial in spirit, we will be able to take our next ‘(wo)man on the moon” leap’.” Brian Chesky, Airbnb.
  • 6 We do not artificially bind neither our team members nor our clients to us through fixed terms and conditions: “We don’t aim to increase our staffing capacity, but rather to further our personal development. If we can’t develop further together, we would have to go our separate ways.” Markus H. Walser
  • 7 Do One Thing and Do It Well” Doug McIlroy. “Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.” Walt Disney. “I’m as proud of what we don’t do as I am of what we do.” Steve JobsSet yourself qualitative goals, not quantitative ones. Growth is a consequence of quality, not the other way around.” Markus H. Walser