Wortspiel is a strategic marketing agency in Zürich, Switzerland. We help companies to win more customers faster with consulting, digital advertising and conversion optimization.

We don’t aim to become the largest agency, but rather the best. That’s why we rely on an experienced team and clear values.

So far we had the privilege of working with WordPress, Swisscom and American Express, among others. Maybe soon with you too:

“I really enjoyed the audit of our Google Ads campaigns conducted by Wortspiel, which was very thorough. It spurred me to take a closer look at many levers.”
Phu Bui Phu Bui | WordPress.com

“The Google Ads campaign with Wortspiel exceeded our expectations by far. Another aspect we really like is the pragmatic and pleasant way we work together.“

Thorsten Jaecks Thorsten Jaecks | Swisscom

“Wortspiel is the ideal partner for achieving our growth targets. In particular, we value their continual and creative approach, the transparent and collaborative partnership and their commitment to a deep understanding of our business model.“
Hannes Sturzenegger Hannes Sturzenegger | MOVU

“A great workshop with detailed, clear and practical appraisals of our Google Ads campaigns. We got a lot of tips and good guidance on improving these. I’m really pleased  and am sure that this will significantly enhance our campaign performance.“

Katja Wussler Katja Wussler | Baloise Insurance

“Wortspiel supports us with our Google Ads strategy for our coffee brands Delizio and Café Royal. We’re happy to have Wortspiel at our side as a straightforward, pragmatic and conceptually strong partner.“

Damian Kirtz Damian Kirtz | Migros


Top performance is only possible with a high degree of specialisation. Therefore, we intentionally only offer the following three services. For everything else, we rely on strong partners.


As an agency we have insight into many companies. There we see which strategies work for which business models – and which do not. You are welcome to benefit from these insights. Together we analyze and optimize your company (vision, mission, values, goals), your offering (products, value proposition) and your marketing ( objectives, metrics, channels).

Digital Advertising

We help to increase the revenue and profit of your campaigns – on Google, YouTube and Bing. We are happy to over the complete management. Or we support you in improving your in-house know-how with audits, workshops, coaching and mentoring.

Conversion Optimization (CRO)

The more website visitors we convert into paying customers, the higher the return of Google Ads - and of all other advertising measures. We analyze your website, develop improvement hypotheses and test them for statistical relevance with Google Optimize.


In the video series Wortspiel.TV we celebrate what our clients have achieved with our help.

In the first episode we spoke with Wortspiel customer Laurent Decrue, co-founder and CEO of the largest Swiss relocation startup, MOVU.

Laurent explained how MOVU had become a market leader within a short period of time; how much of this success could be attributed to our Google Ads expertise and why he loves to ski.

Laurent Decrue and Stefan Vetter


Stefan Vetter

Stefan Vetter

Stefan Vetter is the founder and CEO of Wortspiel. He has worked in digital marketing since 1999 and has focussed on Google Ads and conversion optimization for many years. Stefan likes to pass on his knowledge: as author of the first Swiss Google Ads book “AdWords for Startups”, one of nine “Google Certified Trainer” in Switzerland, keynote speaker as well as lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland FHNW, at the Swiss Distance University of Applied Sciences, at the Swiss Institute of Business Economics SIB and at Google Zürich.


Jennifer Walter

Jennifer Walter

Jennifer Walter is Creative Director at Wortspiel. She studied communication sciences and sociology in Zürich and Cork. After working at several advertising agencies she became a brand and communication manager at an internationally operating Swiss SME.


Maren Ockels

Maren K. Ockels

Maren K. Ockels is Head of Google Ads at Wortspiel. After working at Immowelt, she spent three years as Head of Online Marketing for a startup incubator. In this role, Maren established and oversaw Google Ads campaigns for startups such as HomeToGo, Dreamlines and Finanzcheck. She holds a degree in business administration and is one of only 10 Top Contributors in the official German-speaking Google Ads community.


Erik Blatter

Erik Blatter

Erik Blatter is Head of Conversion Optimization at Wortspiel. As a certified polygraph with further studies in communication planning, he was drawn early into digital marketing. His relaunch of an online print shop was awarded the Swiss E-Commerce Award in 2012. The following two years he worked as marketing manager for this print shop. In 2014, he returned to the agency site focusing on Google Ads and conversion optimization.


Aurel Gergey

Aurel Gergey

Aurel Gergey is a Senior Consultant at Wortpiel. He has worked in advertising agencies as a copywriter/conceptual designer and has been using Google Ads since 2004. Aurel has published the book “AdWords for Startups” together with Stefan Vetter. His guiding principle: Good expression makes a good impression™.


Mario Thomsen

Mario Thomsen

Mario Thomsen is a Senior Consultant at Wortspiel. He is an experienced search engine marketer and one of only 10 Top Contributors in the official German-speaking Google Ads community. As an accredited Bing Ads professional he also runs campaigns on Google’s biggest competitor.


Toni Ricciardelli

Toni Ricciardelli

Toni Ricciardelli is a Senior Consultant at Wortspiel. In the 80s a Commodore 64 awoke a passion for bits and bytes. Since then he has been true to this passion and has a Bachelor of Business Administration with a CAS in online marketing and e-commerce. He has been engaged with online and search engine marketing for more than 15 years.


Christian Ebernickel

Christian Ebernickel

Christian Ebernickel is a Senior Consultant at Wortspiel. He focuses on the conception and implementation of extensive tracking setups with Google Analytics and the Google Tag Manager. The winner of the Google-supported “Analytics Award” is a sought-after speaker at conferences such as the “Data Driven Business” in Berlin, the “SMX” in Munich and the “Analytics Summit” in Hamburg as well as a lecturer at 121WATT. Christian’s motto is: “The right data in the right place at the right time”.


David Brunnschweiler

David Brunnschweiler

David Brunnschweiler is a Consultant at Wortspiel. A studied business economist, David sports many years of marketing experience at Swisscom and SBB. Before that he worked as a consultant for a renowned Swiss advertising agency. David is passionate about scaling new products and services. Google Ads serve him as a central tool.


Our values

While both the market and our offer will continue to evolve, our values will remain the same:

Wortspiel Values


Cooperation can only work well if we’re aligned on a personal level. We value honesty, humility and authenticity.


Trust is more important to us than contracts. As long as both parties are happy and continue to evolve together, we will keep working together. If this changes we will part ways.


The marketing landscape is changing so fast that long-term top performance is only possible with a high degree of specialisation. We prefer to do less and do it as well as possible.


We are happy to share our experience at conferences and universities. Here are the next speeches and courses with our participation – you can find a complete list in our calendar of events:

  • Wortspiel Google Ads Masterclass
    “Mastering Google Ads”, Stefan Vetter, March 15th, 2019 (in German)
  • SMX Munich
    “Quality Booster – SEA Management with Clean Data and Robust Tracking Setups”, Christian Ebernickel, April 3rd, 2019 (in German)
  • 121WATT Hamburg
    “Google Analytics Advanced Seminar”, Christian Ebernickel, April 8th-9th, 2019 (in German)
  • SEAcamp Jena
    • “SEA Unleashed – SEA Management with Clean Data and Robust Tracking Setups”, Christian Ebernickel, April 11th, 2019 (in German)
    • “Discussion Panel: Future of Google Ads”, Stefan Vetter, April 11th, 2019 (in German)
  • OMT (Webinar)
    “This Is How Every Tracking Setup Fails: 13 Bad Mistakes That Lead to Chaos”, Christian Ebernickel, April 26th, 2019 (in German)

Our Book

AdWords for Startups

Google Ads is the fastest way to connect supply and demand. This makes it one of the most effective growth drivers for startups targeting a mass market. But competition is fierce and there is little room for error.

Stefan Vetter und Aurel Gergey help startups become – and remain – market leaders with Google Ads. Their insights are summarised in this guide.


Here you’ll find our most recent blog posts. All previous entries are in the blog history.

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