Automation in Advertising: Expert Interview With Stefan Vetter in Horizont Swiss

By Stefan Vetter | January 22, 2020 | Digital Marketing

The use of automation will fundamentally change the agency and advertising market. In a video interview with Horizont Swiss (in German), yours truly spoke about the advantages and disadvantages of this development for advertisers and agencies.

I also talked about how we at Wortspiel are dealing with these changes and the consequences for our team and our clients.

Many thanks to editor Beat C. Hürlimann for the trust and the good conversation!

(Please note that the video unfortunately is available in German only).

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Stefan Vetter is the founder and CEO of Wortspiel. He created his first website in 1999 and has been active in digital marketing ever since. Stefan likes to pass on his knowledge: as author of the first Swiss Google Ads book, one of seven “Google Certified Trainer” in Switzerland, speaker at conferences and lecturer at several universities of applied sciences.