Movu Increases Leads via Google Ads by +18% While Reducing Costs by -32% Thanks to Smart Bidding – Case Study With Google Switzerland

MOVU is the largest relocation platform in Switzerland and has been a client of Wortspiel since 2015. During this time we have seen many changes in Google Ads – one of the most significant is certainly the increasing automation.

In this joint case study with Google Switzerland, we report on our experiences with the switch of the Google Ads account of MOVU to Smart Bidding. You can also download the case study as a PDF file at the end of the article.

The Challenge

MOVU felt that their manual optimization approaches were time consuming and not enabling them to meet their ambitious growth goals.

In close collaboration with their agency Wortspiel and their Google Account Manager, MOVU decided to test Smart Bidding against their manual bidding performance.

The Approach

After a successful test on their most important sub-market, MOVU decided to go “all in” and switch their campaigns completely to Smart Bidding.

To assist the automation the client’s agency Wortspiel reduced MOVU’s number of campaigns from one hundred to less than ten — complemented with a broad-match keyword strategy.

The company is now focusing on “cost per acquisition” as a central control variable.

The Result

After assessing performance over a month, MOVU was able to increase conversions (leads) by 18% while simultaneously reducing their costs by 32%.

Due to embracing automation, MOVU has been able to achieve their ambitious growth goals and Wortspiel has been able to use the freed-up time to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Acknowledgements & Download

We would like to thank the team who made this achievement possible: Hannes Sturzenegger (CMO, MOVU), Dorin Heid (Agency Account Manager, Google), Alexia C. Nüssli (Agency Partner Manager, Google), Aurel Gergey (Project Lead / Senior Consultant, Wortspiel) and Erik Blatter (Senior Consultant, Wortspiel).

Here you can download the case study:

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Stefan Vetter is the founder and CEO of Wortspiel. He has worked in digital marketing since 1999 and has focussed on Google Ads and conversion optimization for many years. Stefan likes to pass on his knowledge: as author of the first Swiss Google Ads book “AdWords for Startups”, one of nine “Google Certified Trainer” in Switzerland, keynote speaker as well as lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland FHNW, at the Swiss Distance University of Applied Sciences, at the Swiss Institute of Business Economics SIB and at Google Zürich.