Google Ads

7. March 2019

Google Ads: “One Day of Strategic Thinking Gets More Return Than 30 Days of Work”

Is advertising in Google search still worthwhile, what are general trends in advertising and what is my advice to companies? I was allowed to answer these and …

26. February 2019

The Google Ads Agency Is Dead. If It Doesn’t Change Completely

Automation through Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing all aspects of Google Ads. In this article, I will outline five critical consequences of automation for Google Ads agencies - as well as for all companies that use Google Ads.

14. February 2018

Interview with Stefan Vetter on

What challenges do companies face when using Google AdWords? And why is our claim “The AdWords Accelerator”? Recently, I was allowed to express my opinion in a …

14. January 2017

“Trawling clients on the net”: The NZZ writes about Wortspiel

Google AdWords allows businesses to address their clients directly. However, certain guidelines should be followed; otherwise this kind of marketing can quickly become very expensive. This article appeared …