SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is often misunderstood. SEO isn’t just about getting a website up among Google‘s top unpaid search results. That would be confusing actions with goals. 

SEO means adapting a website to user needs. This way, you can improve your rankings – not only in the unpaid search hits but also in the paid ones, i.e. Google Ads.

So search engine optimisation is doubly effective: Searchers are more likely to find what they’re looking for and you, as an advertiser, will pay less per ad click because of the higher relevance.

But relying solely on SEO is very risky. Organic search results can be optimised but never controlled. Anyone needing to attract a constant flow of potential buyers will hardly be able to achieve this with SEO alone.

Another issue is that Google is giving more and more space to paid search hits. The first four search results now consist of Google Ads. In fact, “Number 1 on Google” actually means fifth position and therefore no longer guarantees large numbers of “free” visitors.

That’s why paid and unpaid search results should always be considered and managed together. We are a Google Premier Partner and support you in this.

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