SEO means to adapt a website to the needs of the users. Consequently, the rankings can improve – not only in the organic search results, but also in the paid ones, i.e. in Google Ads.

So search engine optimization pays off twice: prospective customers are more likely to find what they are looking for – and as an advertiser you pay less for clicks on your ads due to higher relevance. We can support you with the following services, among others:

On-Page SEO Audit

To get to the top of the search results page with a website, it is important that the website can be crawled, indexed and understood by search engine bots. A good technical basis helps to improve the organic visibility. But fast loading times and good internal linking are also important for website visitors. In an on-page / technical SEO audit, we analyze the internal links, the indexability and crawability of the website, the page load times, the structured data as well as important SEO tags.

Content Audit

A good content strategy helps to create relevant content that generates organic traffic. Our content audit includes keyword research and the development of a content strategy. We divide topic areas into topic clusters and prioritize keywords according to intention.

Relaunch Support

Organic traffic suffers far too often with website relaunches. SEO should therefore already be considered when planning a relaunch, so that the organic traffic after the relaunch remains on the same level and does not collapse. We accompany you during the whole relaunch process and make sure that from an SEO point of view everything is implemented properly.