14. January 2017

“Trawling clients on the net”: The NZZ writes about Wortspiel

Google AdWords allows businesses to address their clients directly. However, certain guidelines should be followed; otherwise this kind of marketing can quickly become very expensive. This article appeared …

26. September 2016

Tesla-Carpool with Laurent Decrue, MOVU | Wortspiel.TV, Episode 1

Laurent Decrue is co-founder and CEO of the largest Swiss relocation startup, MOVU, and a Wortspiel customer. Inspired by James Corden’s ‘Carpool Karaoke’, we took Laurent on …

5. August 2016

Why We Use Performance Related Fees and Work Remotely (Interview in “Persoenlich”)

Stefan Vetter’s clients only pay when certain goals have been achieved. His colleagues only work when they want to. The CEO of the AdWords agency Wortspiel GmbH tells …