Wortspiel Launches Friendly Analytics, the Privacy-Friendly Swiss Google Analytics Alternative

By Stefan Vetter | March 17, 2020 | Analytics, Wortspiel

Due to increasing regulation by laws such as DSGVO (EU) or CCPA (California), many companies are challenged to ensure data protection when analyzing their websites.

Google’s market-leading analytics solution can only be operated in compliance with data protection regulations with a great deal of effort – and even then, shortcomings remain, such as the storage of data in the USA or a lack of transparency due to unavailable source codes of the software. Thus, for example, the Zurich Data Protection Commissioner prohibits the use of Google Analytics for public bodies.

To solve this problem, we at Wortspiel are launching our first product. Friendly Analytics is a privacy friendly and professional alternative to Google Analytics.

It is based on the world’s most popular open source analytics solution Matomo (formerly Piwik) – used by NASA, the EU Commission and the United Nations, and is even recommended by the Zurich data protection authorities.

It offers professional features like goals and ecommerce tracking, multi-channel attribution, events and a powerful tag manager.

Friendly Analytics does not store any personally identifiable information (PII) or cookies. Friendly Analytics is therefore compliant with data protection laws such as GDPR (EU), CCPA (California) and PECR (UK). And even the annoying cookie banner is no longer necessary.

Companies do not have to take care of installation or hosting themselves, but can use Friendly Analytics as Software-as-a-Service at a fair subscription price.The data is stored exclusively in Switzerland, never passed on and not used for advertising purposes. All data can be completely downloaded or deleted at any time. Companies thus have 100% data ownership.

The interface of Friendly Analytics is easy to use. For all questions about the product, a competent customer service with fast response times is available without additional costs.

Friendly Analytics is available starting at $29 per month at friendly.is/analytics.


P.S. Friendly Analytics is live on 😻 Product Hunt, Hacker News and Reddit!

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Stefan Vetter is CEO and founder at Wortspiel. He created his first website in 1999 and has been active in digital marketing ever since. Stefan is also the founder at Friendly, a Swiss provider of privacy-friendly marketing software.