7. March 2019

Google Ads: “One Day of Strategic Thinking Gets More Return Than 30 Days of Work”

Is advertising in Google search still worthwhile, what are general trends in advertising and what is my advice to companies? I was allowed to answer these and …

2. March 2019

Bingo: Wortspiel Among the First Three Bing Partners in Switzerland

Wortspiel has recently become an official Bing Partner – as one of only three agencies in Switzerland. Google’s biggest competitor in the field of search engines has …

26. February 2019

The Google Ads Agency Is Dead. If It Doesn’t Change Completely

Automation through Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing all aspects of Google Ads. In this article, I will outline five critical consequences of automation for Google Ads agencies - as well as for all companies that use Google Ads.

17. December 2018

“Rather Personal Than Perfect ” – Stefan Vetter Talks about Performance Marketing in M&K Magazine

What can performance marketing do and what does a typical campaign look like? The sector is growing rapidly. But the number of mistakes you can make if …

8. November 2018

A Trip to the City of Spas: Our 7th Team Retreat in Budapest

Actually I didn't want to go to Budapest at all. I was there a few years ago to celebrate my graduation. The city had left no lasting impression on me. But this time everything was different …

19. June 2018

Wortspiel becomes the second largest AdWords agency in Switzerland

Netzwoche, the Swiss IT magazine with the highest readership, produces annually the “Great Swiss Digital Ranking” in cooperation with Best of Swiss Web. It covers the largest …

10. April 2018

Wortspiel in the City of Light: Our 6th Team Retreat in Lisbon and Two New Team Members

“Quem não viu Lisboa, não viu coisa boa” , the famous poet António Nobre once said. “Those who have not seen Lisbon have not yet seen anything beautiful” would …

14. February 2018

Interview with Stefan Vetter on

What challenges do companies face when using Google AdWords? And why is our claim “The AdWords Accelerator”? Recently, I was allowed to express my opinion in a …

13. February 2018

Stefan Vetter Is One of Nine “Google Certified Trainers” in Switzerland

Our Stefan Vetter is an official “Google Certified Trainer” since December 2017 – as one of only nine persons in Switzerland. In this role he regularly gives …

29. January 2018

Celebrating Our Third Anniversary and a New Office

Last Thursday we celebrated our third anniversary with our team, customers, partners and friends. At the same time, we inaugurated our new office premises in Zürich’s …