Wemakeit: +25% Leads at -18% Costs With Conversion Optimization

By Stefan Vetter | February 13, 2020 (updated July 10, 2022) | Case Studies, Conversion Optimization

Wemakeit is the largest crowdfunding platform in Switzerland with over 4,000 successfully completed projects.

Since 2016 wemakeit is a client of Wortspiel. In addition to Google Ads, we also support the platform with the conversion optimization of their landing pages.

To find out more about how we have done this, please have a look at the above video by Lorenz König. The CMO of wemakeit talked about our joint optimization measures at the last edition of “Wortspiel at Google”.

The Challenge: Advertising Budget Limited, Click Prices Rising

Wemakeit uses Google Ads to increase the number of project starters and project supporters.

But the financial possibilities are limited and the clicks on Google are expensive – and the trend is rising.

The Solution: Landingpage Completely Renewed

Together with Wortspiel the team of wemakeit developed a new landing page. This was based on three approaches:

  • First, the new page is more closely aligned with the Google ads that advertise it.
  • Secondly, the response options were expanded to include additional, lower-threshold calls to action.
  • Thirdly, the new landing page is more personalized – and includes, for example, direct addressing of the audience.

For details, please have a look at the video above.

The Result: More Leads at Lower Costs

The revised landing page performed better right from the start. After optimisation, the clicks purchased from Google delivered 25% more leads at -18% lower costs. In addition, the length of time visitors stayed increased and the bounce rate decreased.

Wemakeit is pleased and now plans to expand the use of Google Ads. Among other things, the tracking is to be refined: It is planned to supplement the measurement of hard conversions with more soft intermediate steps in order to provide the optimization algorithms with more data. It remains to be an interesting challenge!


Team wemakeit: Céline Fallet (CEO), Lorenz König (CMO). Team Wortspiel: Aurel Gergey (Projektleiter), Erik Blatter (Head of CRO), Christian Ebernickel (Analytics), Stefan Vetter (CEO)

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Stefan Vetter is CEO and founder at Wortspiel. He created his first website in 1999 and has been active in digital marketing ever since. Stefan is also the founder at Friendly, a Swiss provider of privacy-friendly marketing software.