Wortspiel in the City of Light: Our 6th Team Retreat in Lisbon and Two New Team Members

By David Brunnschweiler | April 10, 2018 (updated December 7, 2019) | Wortspiel

“Quem não viu Lisboa, não viu coisa boa” , the famous poet António Nobre once said. “Those who have not seen Lisbon have not yet seen anything beautiful” would be a free translation.

It is beautiful, the city of light, built on seven hills like Rome and Constantinople. Only the light didn’t appear a lot during our retreat.

The sun was timid and mostly hidden by a thick cloud cover. However, this did not detract from the exuberant atmosphere in the team.

But first things first: The sixth retreat was scheduled. Since we work completely remotely, these local meetings are particularly valuable for us and a central component of our corporate culture.

After Zurich (2x), Cologne, Hamburg and the Swiss region of Appenzell, the next retreat should preferably take place in warmer climes. Lisbon was therefore an ideal candidate for our team, which only meets in person every six months.

On the first evening we visited the restaurant Prado, which is mainly known for its tapas specialities.

The next day we explored the city,

enjoyed culinary delicacies in an old market hall,

defied wind and weather,

and let rickshaws chauffeur us through the narrow alleys of Lisbon.

The evening ended in an authentic Portuguese fish restaurant.

We started our last day as a group with a photo shoot for our “signature running picture” with our regular photographer Boris Baldinger – this time with a wonderful view over Lisbon.

Also the weather was now showing its best side, so that we could exchange the rain jacket – at least at short notice – for our Wortspiel polo shirts.

It was beautiful! For me as a new team member, Lisbon was the ideal opportunity to get to know the whole team personally. As a remote company, we left the day-to-day business behind us and instead placed value on a cosy atmosphere.

Wortspiel continues to grow

Maren Ockels
Also for Maren K. Ockels our retreat was the first opportunity to get to know the whole team personally.

Since October Maren is Senior AdWords Consultant at Wortspiel. After working at Immowelt, she spend three years as Head of Online Marketing for a startup incubator.

In this role, Maren established and oversaw AdWords campaigns for startups such as HomeToGo, Dreamlines and Finanzcheck.

Successfully: Last year, HomeToGo was named Germany’s fastest growing start-up company by the magazine “Gründerszene”.

She holds a degree in business administration and is one of only 10 Top Contributors in the official German-speaking AdWords community.

David Brunnschweiler
With yours truly, David Brunnschweiler, Wortspiel can count on an experienced marketer. In recent years I have accompanied various innovations for my employers Swisscom and SBB.

Lean marketing and data-driven growth are my passion and Google Adwords a central tool for finding the optimal product/market fit quickly and cost-effectively.

P.S. In case you’re curious, here’s a list of our previous company retreats (and some more in German).

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David Brunnschweiler is a Senior Consultant at Wortspiel. With a degree in business administration, he gained many years of marketing experience at Swisscom and SBB. Before that he worked as a consultant for a renowned Swiss advertising agency. David is passionate about scaling new products and services.