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By Stefan Vetter | February 14, 2018 (updated December 4, 2019) | Google Ads

What challenges do companies face when using Google AdWords? And why is our claim “The AdWords Accelerator”?

Recently, I was allowed to express my opinion in a conversation with Thomas J. Caduff. The interview was originally published on (German only).

Mr. Vetter, your claim is “The AdWords Accelerator”. What does that mean in concrete terms?

Companies face two challenges to use Google’s AdWords advertising program profitably. On the one hand, they have to compress the sales-relevant aspects of their offering. AdWords provides advertisers only a few text characters.

On the other hand, they have to deliver their message to the right target group – in Google search, keywords are still the most important targeting, complemented by region, language, demographic data and remarketing lists.

We help companies to improve both aspects. This way they can get more out of AdWords and grow faster – that’s what our claim stands for. Especially for products from the financial sector there is a brisk demand for search engines such as Google and thus growth potential.

There are some AdWords agencies – why should someone work with you?

Our team is very experienced – almost only seniors work for us. And we have a very high expectation on our quality. Since we focus exclusively on Google AdWords, we have a great deal of know-how there. That is confirmed by our customers’ ratings on Google and Facebook.

Who are your customers and what do you offer them in detail?

We work with large corporations such as Cornèr Bank, Swisscom and Helvetia Versicherung – as well as with fast-growing startups such as WordPress, MOVU and Wemakeit. Our services range from audits and in-house training to the complete management of AdWords campaigns.

In which areas are you planning further growth?

We want to further improve our quality. Growth is a consequence of quality, not vice versa*.

*Quote: Markus Walser.

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Stefan Vetter is CEO and founder at Wortspiel. He created his first website in 1999 and has been active in digital marketing ever since. Stefan is also the founder at Friendly, a Swiss provider of privacy-friendly marketing software.